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Prescription Packaging Systems: CVS Health and AdlerRx

February 3rd, 2021

Deborah Adler


Adler’s latest pharmacy invention, AdlerRx, is a unique patented solution that’s focused on delivering a universal medication schedule to drive patient-centered care. This new system organizes your medications and looks across the time of day to create a schedule of sorts. People can clearly understand dosages and timing, even if they have trouble with literacy. CVS Health’s ScriptPath™ was our first client to leverage AdlerRx and is a strong example of how design can play a key role in improving clinical care. We worked with CVS brand standards to customize AdlerRx for CVS Health. Big bright icons make it easier for the user to get it right. The power of this simple idea is how it organizes action.

Clear Rx Medication System

July 9th, 2016

Deborah Adler

One day, Deborah’s grandmother took her grandfather’s medicine by mistake. Her name was Helen. His was Herman. Same initial – H Adler – and the pill bottles looked alike.

This incident resulted in the ClearRx System for Target. From the color coded rings to identify each family member to the intuitive and easy-to-read label, ClearRx is designed for people who take prescription medication.