How do you manage to run a studio and be a mom to two children?

Here lies the challenge: My ambition to do good work, run a successful studio and make positive change in this world is matched by my deep and instinctive need to be a good mom to my two children. This is not a unique problem, yet it is one we have yet to solve, both in the design community and in the wider culture. Just like childbirth, each woman has a different set of circumstances, and dances differently to a similar tune; there is no science behind it. For example, my schedule can be brutal at times. I travel every other week and sometimes have to miss kids events. However, I live above my work. I am on the fifth floor and the studio is on four. In the grand scheme of things, my family is just a little higher. I am able to give Jaden lunch or run to pick up Sophia from school. I am so fortunate to have built a strong team around me both at home and at work. I am able to find balance because I have my husband Eric’s support and partnership, caregivers I can always depend on, an incredibly talented and understanding design team, and close friendships. My solution these days is to try my best. Dream big, love a lot and push forward.

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