What inspired you to redesign the prescription bottle?

There were many factors that led to my decision to move forward with the redesign of the prescription bottle for my thesis. Originally, believe it or not, I was going to do my thesis on curly hair. I wanted to build a curly hair mecca, and link products to different ethnicity, cultures and curl types. Back in 2001, there wasn’t much out there in this area.  But then, September 11 came, and suddenly my curly hair idea seemed trivial to me. I wanted to do something that had more meaning, something that could make a difference in peoples lives. Earlier that summer, my grandmother had a minor medication error. She accidentally took my grandfathers medication. They had the same initials, H. Adler, and their packaging looked practically identical. As a granddaughter, I was concerned for the safety of my grandparents. But as a designer, I saw a problem that needed to be solved. By understanding my grandmas needs through research, empathy, and intuition, I was able to translate that need into a prescription packaging system.

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